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Join Us For The Auction Every Monday

Commodities at CYA Exchange Autcion
Eggs are big itesm at CYA Exchange Auctions
Great prices for hay at CYA Exchange Auctions
Competitive livestock auctions at CYA Exchange every Monday

Endless Treasures Auction is every Monday.
Starts at 9 AM

Egg sale is every Monday 
Starts at 11:30 AM
followed by small animals

Hay and Straw sale is every Monday. Starts at
12:00 PM followed by outside Endless Treasures

Livestock sale is every Monday. Starts at 1:30 PM

Enjoy great food at every CYA Exchange auction


Restaurant open Monday 7 AM - 3 PM or end of the sale day, and during special sale nights. Enjoy homemade meals and specials prepared by Kathy Stotzer of Kathy's Cookies, Candies and Catering LLC. 

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Follow us for sale day updates every week!

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